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The rich research spectrum of our faculty is reflected, among other things, in the large number of specialized institutes with special research emphases (e.g. medical law, Eastern European law and comparative law), which enable modern and intensive research in almost all areas of law. Almost every chair has its own institute with one or more research focuses, some of which are unique in Germany. The Faculty of Law recognizes at an early stage tendencies that are of great social relevance and contain the legal challenges of the future. The main characteristic of the entire research is that it not only examines questions of national law, but always also comparative law and international references. It ensures both basic and practice-oriented research and always seeks exchange with other disciplines and social actors.
The Faculty of Law thus not only promotes and accompanies the application and further development of law in legal practice, but also to the highest degree in politics and society. 

Research profile

The research of the Faculty of Law can be divided into five large research fields, which are related to each other by numerous cross-sectional questions: