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Institutes and research institutions

Photo: Pascal Bünning

There are institutes and research institutions at the faculty in connection with the individual chairs. Many institutes have a long tradition. One example is the Institute for Air and Space Law, which was founded in 1925 as the world's first institute for air law. The institutes are small specialized scientific units of the university and contribute decisively to the scientific profile of the faculty.

All institutes have special libraries in their field of expertise. During opening hours, these libraries are also accessible to students. As a rule, these are purely reference libraries. Students can work with the books in the reading room, but lending of the books is not planned. [more]

In the following, the institutes are grouped according to the legal fields of public law, civil law and criminal law. It should be noted, however, that the fields of work of some institutes and institutions cover several subjects and concern, for example, private law and certain areas of public law at the same time.
Some of the institutes are funded by special third-party donors. They are usually referred to as institutes "at the university" ("an der Universität). These "an"-institutes have a good tradition at our faculty. They are proof that the University of Cologne has long been able to mobilise the interest of external institutions for its research work.


Via "Kölner Universitäts Gesamtkatalog (KUG)" you can consult the catalogues of most of the institute libraries online.