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Dean's office

Photo: Pascal Bünning

The staff of the Dean's Office can be reached by telephone and e-mail at the numbers and addresses given below.

If you wish to contact us on a specific matter, it is often advisable not to use the personal e-mail addresses but to write to function-related addresses. In this way you can always reach a suitable contact person, regardless of personnel changes, illness or holidays:



all staff of the dean's office

planning of lectures

planning of "Arbeitsgemeinschaften" (tutorials for beginners)

questions concerning examination law for the "first examination" degree programme

Studien- und Karriereberatung

International affairs, studies abroad





Quality and accreditation management


Dr. iur. Daniela Boosen, M.A.

Akademische Rätin, Referentin des Studiendekans

Tel.: (0221) 470 - 1297

Kelly Brinkmann

Assistentin des Dekans

Tel.: (0221) 470 - 5747

Ulf Gärtner

Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer, Baubeauftragter

Tel.: (0221) 470 - 5743

Meryem Kasaboglu

Lehrveranstaltungsevaluation, Eventmanagement

Tel.: (0221) 470 - 76563

Lena Mörsch

Qualitäts- und Akkreditierungsmanagement

Tel.: (0221) 470 - 76507

Michaela Noack, M.L.I.S.

Arbeitsgemeinschaften, stv. Baubeauftragte

Tel.: (0221) 470 - 6319

Jens Schumacher

Executive Aide to the Dean

Tel.: (0221) 470 - 4011

Kerstin Sieberns


Tel.: (0221) 470 - 4891


Joshua Bauch (SHK)
Inga Grandrath (SHK)
Pia Wombacher (SHK)

Tel.: (0221) 470 - 2218