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Photo: Pascal Bünning

Die aktuellen Bestimmungen lassen die Öffnung von Bibliotheken im Wesentlichen wieder zu. Bitte beachten Sie, dass in allen Innenräumen der Universität und damit auch in unseren Bibliotheken weiterhin das Tragen einer FFP2- oder medizinischen Maske dringend empfohlen wird!

The Faculty of Law has numerous well-equipped libraries for the preparation and follow-up of lectures, for learning and research, most of which are assigned to one or more institutes.  Some libraries hold a broad spectrum of legal literature, others are specialized in the respective subject area of the institute.The use of the libraries is, of course, also open to students within the scheduled opening hours. Book lending, however, is almost exclusively restricted to members of the institute and staff of the university.Central research in the holdings of most libraries can be carried out via the Cologne University General Catalogue (Kölner UniversitätsGesamtkatalog (KUG).